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Classic Black

Sleek And Subtle, Yet Strong and Powerful…
Our Classic Black collection has everything you need to create the perfect at-home gym in a colour scheme that is clean and neutral.
Whether you are looking for the perfect mat, dumbbell strength bars, wrist/ankle weights, core sliders or resistance bands, so many of our pieces are available in our classic black. So you can create the right workout space to suit your vibe.

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  1. Amp Tone up wrist ankle weights 4lb black
  2. adjustable ankle wrist weights 2lb 4lb velcro bracelet silicone soft to wear
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  3. Pilates ring black
  4. Core sliders gliding disc black
  5. Pilates bars - 3kg pair weights black
  6. Fitness and yoga mat black
  7. Release and stretch foam roller charcoal
  8. black PU vegan leather yoga mat 5mm
  9. Black dumbbells weights 4kg pair
  10. Black weight triangle dumbells home fitness weights 10lb 7lb
  11. Foam rollers stretch and massage muscles with our amp wave roller
  12. Light fabric loop resistance band black
  13. Black weighted triangles home gym fitness dumbbells kettlebell 4.5kg 3 kg
  14. Hand weights home gym 3kg dumbbell kettlebell
  15. Pilates ball black
  16. Foam rollers stretch and massage muscles with our amp wave roller
  17. Heavy loop fabric resistance band black