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Peak strength weighted triangle 3.1kg lavender

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Our small weighted triangle is the perfect addition to your home workouts, yoga, Pilates, kettlebell and strength training routines.

With it's compact size and 7lb (3.1kg) weight, this triangle offers endless opportunities for adding resistance to your exercise regimen.

Engage your core stabiliser muscles and challenge your entire body as you perform lower and upper body movements simultaneously Strengthen your muscles and improve your overall fitness levels with every workout.

Not only is this weighted triangle highly effective, but it's also incredibly convenient. It's compact design allows for easy storage making it ideal for home use.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, yoga lover or looking to enhance your strength training, our small weighted triangle is the perfect choice.

Take your workouts to the next level. 

Looking for something heavier? You can find our 4.5kg weighted triangle here or shop the set here.

Silicone covered iron for ease of grip and non slip

7lb 20 x 22cm

Full body workout
Build strength
Core training

Weighted lunges and squats
Core exercises
Plank pull through
Single shoulder press
Pilates and Yoga