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Amp Tone up wrist ankle weights 4lb white

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Amp adjustable ankle or wrist weights.

Small weights can make a big difference to your workout, particularly when you want them to be short in time but achieve maximum results. Whether yoga, pilates or barre, HIIT or sculpt, these weights will make sure you gain strength and look good while doing it.

Wear to increase leg resistance, build muscle, burn calories and give your legs more tone and strength. Add to everyday life to create an efficiency and effective workout without any extra time or effort.

Simple and stylish, add these beautiful and practical wrist and/or ankle weights to take your exercise and workouts to the next level.

Looking for something handheld instead? Grab our fitness bars here.


Adjustable and waterproof weighted metal bar ankle and wrist weights.
Durable and soft silicone covering stainless steel adjustable weighted bars.
Velcro fastening for easy use and adjustment.
Comfortable and easy to clear, sweat resistant and odour resistant.

Weights 4lb pair (2lb each)

These weights have a soft finish and are easy to wear making them suitable for everyday life. Once you have them on you won’t want to take them off!

Wear to increase arm and leg resistance, build muscle, burn calories and give your arms and legs more tone and strength.

Side leg raises
Curtesy squats