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Pilates ring purple

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Every movement with our Pilates ring will help you to build your strength and flexibility. Whether you’re engaging your core, toning your muscles, or enhancing your flexibility, this ring will raise the level of your Pilates practice.

Resilient and strong, this Pilates magic circle is a lightweight option for you to add resistance to your workout. You can hold it between your ankles, knees, thigh and hands, pushing and pulling the ring to target and tone specific areas, including your glutes, quads and core. 

Helping to create muscle tension, muscle endurance, balance and coordination, as well as being compact, it is a great addition to your home gym kit! 


38cm x 38cm

Tone and sculpt

Care Instructions for Vegan Suede Yoga Mat with Natural Rubber Base: Your vegan suede yoga mat with a natural rubber base is a valuable investment in your yoga Wipe clean with a damp clothpractice.