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Pilates bars - dumbbell hand weights black

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dumbbell hand weights black
dumbbell hand weights hot pink

Looking for the ultimate toned, sleek, strong arms?

Use our Pilates bars to add resistance and weight to your arm workouts to tone, sculpt and strength.

For dancing arms, cardio sessions, box fit, yoga and Pilates, these weights are so easy to hold and will help you tone to create a long, lean look to your arms and back whilst adding fun movement into your day.

Ready for something heavier to turn your workouts up a gear? Take a look at our 4kg bars here.

Soft silicone exterior over cast iron weight.

20cm x 5cm
6lb/2.8kg per pair - 3lb/1.4kg per bar.

Strengthen - targets smaller muscle groups and creates stronger, toned arms.
Ergonomic - non-slip design enhances grip control.
Portable - great for indoor and outdoor use, take them anywhere with you!
Small - easy to store.

Cardio-tone arm workout
Lunge and shoulder press
Hip thrust and chest press
Bicep curls
Tricep extensions