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Peak strength weighted triangles lavender

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Test your strength with our weighted triangle, helping you to add extra resistance to your home workout, yoga, pilates, kettlebell and strength training moves.

With 7lb (3kg) and 10lb (4.5kg) these medium weight dumbells are an all in one, allowing you to complete a full body workout using each triangle for different reps and exercises.

Increase the weights as you build strength. Use your core stabiliser muscles to keep you strong whilst working the lower and upper body together.

The two triangles fit perfectly together for storage, which can then be neatly packed away, enabling a full body workout system for your home.

Silicone covered iron for ease of grip and non slip

10 lb 28 x 30.5cm
7lb 20 x 22cm

Full body workout
Build strength
Core training

Weighted lunges and squats
Core exercises
Plank pull through
Single shoulder press
Pilates and Yoga