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5 Reasons Why Seaweed is a Powerful Superfood | Doctor Seaweed Explains

Over recent years, seaweed has experienced a surge in popularity, with more individuals incorporating it into their snacks, salads, and skincare routines. The question arises: what makes seaweed so sought after?

Seaweed is a nutritional powerhouse, rich in the essential nutrient iodine which is vital for the production of thyroid hormones in the body. These hormones play a pivotal role in vital bodily functions such as metabolism, energy levels and brain health. Insufficient iodine leads to hormonal imbalance caused by an underactive thyroid which can result in tiredness & low energy, weight gain, dry skin and brain fog. Seaweed is also a forgotten food with evidence suggesting that consumption of seaweed since prehistoric times contributed to the evolution of the human brain.


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Now, let's explore the 5 key benefits of incorporating seaweed into your diet:

Natural energy boost

One of the primary symptoms of iodine deficiency is low energy and persistent fatigue. As the richest natural source of essential iodine, seaweed can provide a natural energy boost by supporting production of thyroid hormones which are responsible for the body making energy. 


Support your mental health

Insufficient iodine intake can contribute to anxiety, depression and a low mood. Lower levels of T4 and the active thyroid hormone T3 can negatively impact levels of serotonin, dopamine and GABA - all of these neurotransmitters influence cognition, behaviour and mood. Adding seaweed to your diet is a great way to naturally lift your mood. 


Unlock your natural glow from within

Seaweed has been incorporated into skincare for centuries, but did you know consuming seaweed can be the secret to radiant, glowing skin? Your thyroid hormones help skin regenerate. When your thyroid is imbalanced and hormone levels are low, this regeneration doesn’t occur as often and can lead to dry and flaky skin. Consuming seaweed for optimal iodine intake is key to keeping your skin cells healthy for that natural glow.


Balance your metabolism

An underactive thyroid caused by iodine deficiency can cause a slow metabolism and encourage fat to be stored as fat rather than be burned as energy. If you’re struggling with weight management, adding seaweed to your diet will improve your metabolic rate and your energy levels. 


nutrition supplements seaweed womens health and nutrition

Promotes women's health

Thyroid hormones play a vital role in various natural processes, including bone health, metabolism, reproductive health, and brain health. Iodine is essential at all life stages, but particularly for women during pregnancy, postpartum and the menopause making it crucial for overall well-being. For example, during the menopause, many menopausal symptoms are analogous with those of iodine deficiency such as dry skin, low energy and brain fog making it imperative to ensure optimal iodine intake during this life stage. 

Seaweed is a powerful superfood with a plethora of benefits yet eating seaweed every day is not necessarily to the preference of the western diet and everyone's palate! To make it easy to give your body the nutrition it needs, Doctor Seaweed’s award-winning supplements contain a blend of sustainable Scottish seaweed with plant-based vitamins to ensure adequate iodine intake - just one capsule a day contains the same iodine content as a portion of white fish. This ensures you are giving your body essential nutrition from a natural food source for optimal absorption.

By supporting the health of your thyroid, you can enjoy a balanced metabolism, sustained energy levels, enhanced brain health, contributing to a happier and healthier you. Click here to find out how Doctor Seaweed's Supplements can support your thyroid to help you look and feel wonderful. Use code AMP20 for 20% off your order with Doctor Seaweed.